Top 5 Features to Look for in an E-Bike

When thinking of buying an E-Bike, there must be a lot of questions that you might have, like the type of bike you want, features it comes with, the quality, and of course its price. But, it’s the features of an e-bike that you’re going to enjoy in the future and take the advantage of knowing them well before you get the bike. 

It is very important to first decide what different features you want on your E-bike. 

Naturally, you expect some advanced features from an E-bike. But some features are standard when it comes to an E-bike. 

So, you must know which additional features make it a great E-bike. Some of these are:

Rechargeable & Removable Battery

A long-lasting and easily rechargeable battery is what proves an E-bike’s quality and performance. You don’t want to be stuck with a bike that runs out of battery in the middle of nowhere.

The first feature to look for is the quality of the battery, battery type, and battery life. Because it all comes down to how long-lasting your E-bike’s battery life is.

Next comes the removable battery. With this option, you can easily remove the battery from the bike and can recharge it at home. It brings you both convenience and saves you time.

Multi-mode Riding Options

Whether you want to go on or off the road riding your E-bike, you must be able to accommodate your riding needs. And it all depends on the design of the bike.

But some of the common features that make a bike suitable for off and on road riding are anti-bump design, bigger tires, anti-explosion proof, super grip, etc.

There are some E-bikes that come equipped with a great design. Such as the ADO A20 electric folding bike not only packs the above features but also comes with a Double Shock Absorbing System and thick rubber inflatable tires. It is designed to ride on all kinds of surface roads.

Real-time Monitoring

Nowadays, real-time monitoring is not just a trend but a must-have when it comes to any kind of digital device. When it comes to an E-bike, real-time monitoring is what makes it an advanced technology bike.

This feature tracks your cycling data like time, distance, calories, others and an LCD display shows that data. So, you can easily keep track of your current data as well as your records of previous activities. 

Smartphone Compatibility

In this digitally advanced world, you want everything to be connected to your smartphone because it’s the one device you carry around. Just like a watch, computer, or any other device, your E-bike can also be connected to your smartphone.

The advantage of this feature is that you can easily stream music, make calls, and track your fitness goals.

Not only that, you can also charge your phone when on long journeys.

Unique Design & Comfort

Last but not the least, comfort and design also play an essential in making a selection for an E-bike. The comfort level of a bike will make all those above features more enjoyable for you.

Some of the design features that you must look out for are lightweight, foldable, comfortable seat, portable, waterproof, smooth brake, shock absorption, etc.

All of these features combined make a great E-bike choice. But still, it all comes down to what features you’re looking for on an electric bike.


Packed not only with the above features but a lot more than that, the ADO E-bikes bring you a wide range of bikes to choose from. With no compromise on the quality, you don’t have to worry about the quality. Ranging from battery type, classification, and all the way to vehicle performance, you get tons of options while looking for a bike of your choice.