The Way Toward Sustainable Transportation

Worried about increasing air pollution, traffic jams, and rising costs of fuels? Looking forward to replacing your existing transportation means with sustainable alternatives? Well!  It’s time that you switch to the use of electric bikes or electric scooters and get rid of your transportation-related worries.

Features That Make E-bikes and E-scooters Different from Regular Ones

Just like regular bikes, electric bikes or e-bikes come with two wheels, seats, pedals, and handlebars. However, in regular bikes, you would not find the electric motor and the rechargeable battery which are used in an e-bike. An ideal e-bike would provide maximum value to users in terms of convenience and comfort.

Ado brings you a wide range of lightweight, foldable e-bikes and e-scooters which are specially designed to render you with an enhanced user-friendly experience.  For instance, the Ado A16 and A20 foldable electric bikes come with a 350W Cross-Country Motor and a full-body shock absorption system. Designed with multi-layered thick rubber tires, the bikes are anti-skid and explosion-proof. These foldable bikes have an anti-bump design, enabling you to seamlessly drive on and off roads. Both A16 and A20 have LED displays that present you with real-time driving data and their LED headlights are infused with waterproof properties.

If you are searching for an e-bike with a more powerful motor, then you may check out the Ado A26 Electric Mountain Bike. Just like the A16 and A20, this e-bike has super grip features on the tiers and can resist shocks, perfect for enjoying cross-country motor riding. However, A26 comes with a 500W motor, a Hybrid Drive Mode, and G-Drive Control System to allow you to drive effortlessly through hilly regions and muddy roads and switch between two modes as per convenience.  What’s more? You can keep your smartphone fully charged during your drive.

If you do not require covering long distances or travelling through irregular surfaces and lots of roads, then you may wish to go for E-Scooters. Minimal and simple, the e-scooters have better portability and lower operating costs as compared to e-bikes. Let’s take the case of the Ado X7 Electric Scooter, which is designed with a lightweight yet tough aluminium body and possesses waterproof properties. Its simple look is perfectly integrated with that of a sports car design and it offers you a maximum speed of 23 kilometres per hour. Ado X8 Electric Scooter is an updated version and offers you with a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour. Just like e-bikes, these e-scooters hold anti-skid and shock-resistant properties.

If you routinely use e-bikes or e-scooters, you would get good physical exercise for keeping you healthy. Not to forget, the e-bikes and e-scooters are environment-friendly. These operate with the use of rechargeable batteries and do not require any fossil fuel. As such, unlike regular bikes and scooters, tech-driven bicycles do not pollute the air.

So, when it comes to convenience, comfort and, at the same time, eco-friendliness, e-bikes, and e-scooters are always better options for urban commuters and rides.