Fiido X Folding Electric Bike with Torque Sensor

from £1507


The Fiido X is definitely one of the most innovative folding E-Bikes out there.  You’ve got to see this one in action!



Award-Winning Design that stands out from the Herd

Ever feel the need to get on a ride stress-free? The Fiido X is the answer.  An eye-catcher with a minimalist vibe, Fiido X takes you through the streets with style and powers your climb with no noise.  Best companion for your daily commutes and light adventures.

Healthy exercise empowered by the Torque Sensor

New to Electric Bikes? No problem.  The Fiido X is equipped with the modern torque sensor that measures if and how hard you are pedalling.  It brings a much more intuitive riding experience to electric bike riders, saving you the worry of learning how to use a throttle and the jerky moves associated with a cadence sensor.  You still get the exercise you need, hassle-free. Plus no stress over local regulations on having a throttle.

Ready to ride with a no-brainer set-up

Easy assembly with just the pedals to screw in, you can get on your ride within 5 minutes of unboxing it.

Removable Battery with a Long Range

The patented battery boasts a whopping 130km (80.7miles) range per charge, more than enough for your daily commutes.  With easy removal and a sleek look, if frees you from any battery-related concerns.

Greater Folding Frame

The signature clean-looking frame with a folding mechanism from Fiido X has stepped up its game.  With a testing process that reaches twice the strength set by the EN15194 standard, the new frame is stronger than ever.  Still, commuters get to collapse it down and fit it in the trunk of a car or on public transport, enjoying Fiido X’s unmatched flexibility.

Game-Changing Security System

You don’t need any keys to unlock the bike.  As for the thieves?  Well they will never unlock the bikes electric power without the code due to the power being cut, making the theft effectively pointless.


Inside The Box