Fiido T1 Electric Bike

from £1439

The Fiido T1 electric cargo bike is a great choice for couriers and cyclists alike. With a long range battery, shock absorbing front suspension and a go anywhere fat tyre, the T1 is the perfect choice for the urban environment.




Whether you are looking for an affordable way to commute into work while being able to do the weekly shop or in need of a bike that can handle everything life throws at it, the Fiido T1 electric cargo bike could be the solution you’ve been looking for. This top-rated cargo bike boasts a powerful 750W motor which makes light work of even the biggest of hills.

With a fantastic peddle assisted range of 150 kilometres and a maximum speed of 45Kmh the Fiido T1 electric cargo bike is a very capable machine. Boasting a sold front basket and sturdy rear luggage rack, it’s clear to see that the Fiido can handle some serious cargo. And, with a weight capacity of 150Kg the T1 certainly won’t disappoint.

The 20 inch wheels and 4 inch fat tyres help to keep the ride nice and smooth while the coil sprung front fork helps tame any bumps along the way. A 7 speed derailleurs pairs nicely with a wide range cassette to give you plenty of gearing choices and the electric motor helps take the strain out of getting up to speed.

Thanks to hydraulic disc brakes coming to a stop, even when fully laden, is fast and controlled. The large 48V battery provides plenty of powered assistance as well as fully electric modes for speeds up to 25Kmh. The removable battery makes recharging fast and easy and also helps to stop thieves from making off with your pride and joy.

750W Strong Motor

A 750W actual power motor comes with a wide-range 7-speed derailleur, the top speed of T1 can reach 50Km/h, which assists to reach your destination promptly regardless of .terrains or weather conditions.  The 7-speed seamless shift fully achieves a freewheeling control.

20″ *4.0 Off-Road Fat Tyre

The 20″*4-inch wheels possessing ultra-wide rims, co-ordinate with all-terrain fat tyres.  The addition of the anti-skid tread pattern design helps you to easily transverse forests, sand, rocky beach, puddles and other forbidden terrains.

Hydraulic Coil Sprung Fork

The suspension forks eliminate bumps as you travel making it a more comfortable ride, it also increases the riders control in especially tough terrain.  The well-performed T1 guarantees a safer & smoother ride.

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