Fiido D21 E-Bike

from £1088

Looking to beat the traffic and to improve your daily commute? Then the Fiido D21 electric bike could be the right choice for you. With torque sensing pedal assist and a compact folding design, the D21 has a lot to offer.



Weighing just 17.5Kg the Fiido D21 is a lightweight folding electric bike that is designed for the urban commuter. Thanks to the powerful 250W hub motor the D21 has a maximum assisted pedal range of 62 miles with a torque sensor to improve handling and motor assistance.

The dual front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide strong performance in wet and dry conditions while the built-in mudguards will help to keep you dry. The compact folding design makes the D21 an ideal choice for urban commuters.

With a top speed of 16mph and a large 36V battery, the D21 offers incredible performance at a very affordable price. The Fiido D21 will tackle everything in its stride and make light work of any inclines or hills on your commute.

The innovative design helps the D21 stand out from the crowd and makes the Fiido a great looking bike for any city centre commuters. Folding down to just 840mm by 400mm, the D21 is easy to pack in the boot of a car, on the train, or on the bus making it the ideal option for anyone who has a mixed transport commute.