BOGIST Max E-Scooter


The BOGIST MAX electric scooter is a lightweight, powerful, and high performance scooter that’s perfect for getting around. With a maximum range of 60km and a top speed of 33kmh, the BOGIST MAX ticks all the boxes when it comes to commuting.


Want an electric scooter that can tackle your daily commute with ease? They you’ll love the BOGIST MAX. This stylish, affordable and lightweight scooter is incredibly portable meaning you can take it on the train and with a class leading range up to 60km, it makes a great alternative to taking the car for urban commuters.

With 10 inch pneumatic tyres the BOGIST MAX electric scooter takes bumpy roads in it’s stride. With a strong 350W motor and a maximum load of 120kg, the Max electric scooter has a high-capacity 48V battery that can be fully charged in just 6 hours.

Using the app you can lock your scooter and stop other people from using it as well as see details about the scooter including remaining battery charge and range and turning the LED lights on and off. The MAX electric scooter has a strong climbing ability with the ability to tackle slopes up to 20 degrees.

With an IP54 water resistance rating the MAX electric scooter is perfect for the unpredictable British weather as it provides some protection against the elements. Choose from three riding modes including eco, standard and sport which allow you to quickly switch based on the riding environment.