BOGIST C1Pro E-Scooter


With a powerful 500W motor and a large 48V 13AH battery, the BOGIST C! Pro is a high-performance, top-quality, and reliable electric scooter. Built to last, this is the perfect scooter for everyday use and thanks to the seat option you have a choice of standing up or sitting down.

Due to High Demand of this E-Scooter, delivery can take up to 14 Days.


Looking for an affordable electric scooter that is comfortable and is built to last? The BOGIST C1 Pro is a fantastic choice that offers great performance at a very competitive price. With a top speed of 45kmh or 28mph and a maximum range of 40km or 25 miles, the C1 Pro provides a great green transport option for urban and city commuters.

Save money on rising fuel prices with an all weather scooter that is designed to withstand the worst of the British weather. The solid honeycomb rear tyre offers excellent puncture protection for the rear wheel while the front tyre is a standard air filled tyre offering great performance.

With a maximum rider weight of 150kg, the C1 Pro electric scooter will tackle inclines of up to 20 degrees with ease. The LED lights will help to keep you safe during the day and night while the powerful brakes will bring you to a controlled stop even in the wet.

Browse the full range of features below and order online for fast UK delivery. With the ability to spread the cost with Payl8r, upgrade your commute with the BOGIST C1 Pro scooter today.