AQOU X8 E-Scooter


The X8 Electric Scooter is a step up from the X7 with its unique Embedded battery – The X8 not only goes faster but further too.


The X8’s embedded battery has 40 lithium battery cells.  The first developed, patented design, is easy to replace and remove offering a durable endurance, making it a perfect for those longer journeys.

The 350W Brushless high performance power motor gives instant acceleration in seconds at a touch of its push-type throttle.  Its 10inch explosion proof. non slip air tyres offer the strongest shock absorption that will take you over speed bumps and uneven pavement with no problem at all.   

The simple geometric anti skid handle is deigned to support long-term comfortable riding.  The high definition LED display is not only waterproof but with its easily switched, 3 speed modes, you can keep a close eye on your gear position, speed and power.  Also the high-efficiency triple braking system, offering disc, electronic and pedal breaks along with the E-ABS anti-lock system ensures quick response, safe and worry-free riding.  You can also travel in the knowledge that with the super bright LED headlight and taillight, riding in the dark is safe too.

All this and more makes the X8 the perfect choice for commuting or just getting out and about.  Max Speed 25km/h.