AQOU X7 E-Scooter

from £280

The latest in technology X7 Electric Scooter is your perfect choice as a portable travel companion!



Whether its for commuting or just getting you out and about its beautiful simple streamlined sports car design won’t let you down on or off-road.   The tough aluminium alloy body is not only lightweight it’s waterproof chic design has minimalist folding art, its rotating folding buckle will get you from riding to walking in under 3 seconds, great for when you are running late for your train or bus! Max Speed 23km/h.

The X7’s long endurance lithium battery Revolution makes endurance more durable. The Automotive power lithium battery is on the pole which not only ensures good waterproof performance it’s also detachable for charging which prolongs the riding distance. Its easy to replace battery makes infinite endurance no longer a dream!

The 350W brushless high performance motor has anti-skid anti-vibration automotive grade vacuum tyres, giving the strongest shock absorption taking you over speed bumps and uneven pavement with ease.

The simple geometric anti skid handle is deigned to support long-term riding and with its cruise control option it is a convenient and comfortable ride.  The high definition LED display is not only waterproof but with it ergonomics design, so easy to operate.  With super bright LED headlight and taillight riding in the dark is safe.  The taillight even flashes on braking while using the high-efficiency triple braking system.  The disc brake and E-ABS anti-lock system ensures quick response, safe and worry-free riding.