ADO A16+ E-Bike

from £749

The ADO A16 Electric Folding Bike is suitable for both City and Rural locations offering a 350W Cross-County Motor.



For those rural locations the Full Body Shock Absorption System along with the light-weight aluminium Alloy frame will ensure a more relaxed comfortable ride even over uneven ground.   The 350W Hall Brushless Gear DC Motor uses a G-Drive frequency Conversion Control System which allows it to quickly receives signals which effectively reduces energy loss.  The High Energy Automobile V2.0 batteries management system has two charging methods and only takes 5 hours to fully charge, It is also fully removable allowing it to be charged away from the bike.   The bike also comes with a USB charging stand allowing you to charge your smart phone on long journeys.  The A16’s Double Disc Mechanical Break System has a fast heat dissipation design that ensures fast but smooth braking.  The bike also has 3 power modes, Pure Electric, Pedal Assist and Pedal Mode – 3 travelling experiences along with the Shimano Transmission 7 Speed Gears offer safe and easy riding!
Available in 2 colours, Black and White, it features a HD LCD display Smart Meter showing real-time cycling data with clear display under the sunshine.  The LED headlight has a IPX5 waterproof design giving super penetration, wide angle illumination, safe for riding at night in the rain.  Along with the folding design, the gravity centre structure handle makes it easy to carry too.
Enjoy the Ride and go for ADO!