Power Commuting the Green Way with Modern E-bikes

The modern generation of electric bikes packs a lot of power in comparison to their primitive or earlier models. Popularly called e-bike, an electric bike today is as good as any motor bicycle. Latest e-bikes offer speed and come with a sturdy, well-constructed build for the right balance and smooth ride.

E-Bikes feature an electronic console on their handles, which helps with the speed display and navigation. There is a controller installed on the frame that helps moderate the speed. A motor is what propels the e-bike and helps you ride at a pace you like without the need to pedal all the time. A battery powers the motor and a pedal assist makes it easier to ride the bike. The batteries that come with e-bikes are rechargeable and hence you can charge them before you hit the road. Besides all these features, there is a throttle on the handle bar which helps you accelerate or de-accelerate.


A fine example of a modern e-bike is the ADO A20 Fat Tyre Folding Mountain Bike which has a powerful 500W motor with cross-country specifications. The bike can ride easily on all types of terrains and it is particularly built for slopes and hills where you need more motor power for the upward climb. The tyres are four inches wide and come with anti-skid and superior road grip features. ADO A20F, designed for protection against bumps, is also equipped with twice the shock absorption ability of a regular bike.

The A20F Double Disc Mechanical Brake System allows for a smooth yet quick braking system. The batteries featured in the ADO A20F Electric Mountain Bike are flame-proof and removable. They charge quickly in just 4-6 hours and are totally safe to be used. The e-bike has USB charging that lets you connect your smartphone as well.

With such e-bikes out in the market today, it is an advantage to use an electric ride for your daily commute as the bike not only contributes to an anti-pollution environment, but is easy to manage and maintain as well. Some e-bikes come equipped with lights, so that you can help ride in the night time as well. Waterproof finish and foldable designs are additional qualities that you can find in a good e-bike. So, check out these electric bikes and make commuting a totally new and eco-friendly experience for yourself.