Electric Bikes: How to Choose the Right One

What do you imagine when you think of electric bicycles or scooters? They are somewhat like a regular bicycle but a lot more different at the same time. The most striking difference is the presence of electrical components in an electrical bicycle. The controller, battery, and motor are all the fundamental features of an electric bicycle.

How to Get the Right Motorcycle?

Of course, like any vehicle, an electric bicycle should be comfortable and long-lasting. But, these aren’t the only traits to look for when it comes to an electric bicycle. Let’s check out a list of things you need to keep in mind while purchasing an Electric Bicycle.


In the US, the legitimate limit of power ratings for motors is 750W, with the exception of a few states. Higher power ratings means more convenient to pull weights. However, this also means the battery will be utilized more. If you get an electric bike with a higher limit motor, know that the motor will exert more battery. Consecutively, the design along with where the electric bike battery is placed matters too. Motors placed with the crank and the gears are often more advantageous, such as:

  • Less battery utilization
  • Faster hill-climbing
  • Easy gear switch
  • Improved handling


Choosing the right battery will affect the weight, range, and style of the bike. Most electric bike batteries come in two categories:

 1. SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)

Seen most commonly with electric bike hub motors, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this battery:


  • Cost-effective


  • Bulky
  • Short range of riding
  • Only upto 300 full cycle charges.
  • More maintenance requirement

 2. Lithium batteries

The updated version of a regular one, lithium batteries come with a lifespan twice or even thrice longer than an SLA battery.


  • Lightweight
  • Long range of riding
  • Longer lifespan


  • Expensive, with prices beginning from $1500.


Electric bike controllers come in a wide range of styles. Its function is to maneuver the electrical assistance in an electric bike cycle. You will find the controller located at the handlebar for a convenient use. There are 2 types of controllers you will find in the market:

 1. Pedal activated

When you press on the pedals, electric assistance is released. Pedal-activated controllers do not require the use of the throttle. All you need to do is peddle. Pedal-activated controllers are usually mounted on the handlebar. This allows you to control the assistance level as per your choice. Just dial the number you need, from 0 assistance to the highest range available.

 2. Throttle activated

 On the other hand, throttle-activated systems are dependent on the throttle. It can either be the type with a twist grip or with a simple thumb-press mechanism. Either pull the throttle back or press it to have your Electric bike scooter working. You can even find bikes that only require you to activate the throttle to allow smoother riding even without pedalling.

It may sound complex at first, but electric bikes are quite simple and easy to maintain. Aqou E-Bikes has a huge collection of electric bikes to choose from that you won’t regret!