Commuting prices continuing to rise – Is it time you switched to an e-bike?

With fuel prices seemingly showing no sign of dropping and season ticket prices continuing to rise above inflation year on year, is now the time to reassess your daily commute? Clean, efficient, and reliable are all words that we should be able to use to describe public transport, but often this simply isn’t the case. It’s little wonder that commuters are turning to different modes of transport to get them to work. In this blog, we’ll look at what the price increases mean for commuters and why an e-bike might be the best option.

Average commuting costs

According to a study by Prolific of 5,000 UK residents in March 2021 the average person spent 29 minutes commuting to work and £5.50 per day on travel and parking costs. 34% of people in the study commuted by public transport and a massive 60% by private vehicle. If we consider weekends and holidays, the average person spends nearly £1300 a year on commuting to work with those living and working in the biggest cities often footing the highest commuting bills.

Safer commutes

Airborne viruses such as COVID-19 have caused many people to re-evaluate their commute into the office or workplace. With so many people packed onto public transport, workers are actively looking for a safer option for their commute. Many people have turned to their cars to get them to work safely while even more are looking for an affordable and green alternative. This is where an electric bike comes into the mix.

A staggering 66.7% of commutes between 2km and 5km in distance are conducted by car1, with just 7.1% by bike and only 18.9% by public transport. With such short commuting distances being reported there is clearly a case for e-bikes to offer an affordable and quicker way to commute to the workplace. For short commutes of between 2km and 5km in cities, electric bikes are often the fastest option, and thanks to the assistance you get from the motor you’ll arrive at your destination without needing to have a shower.

Healthier for you

Getting out into the fresh air and being active helps to improve your mood and releases endorphins into your bloodstream. Sitting in traffic in a car is a frustrating experience and can be incredibly stressful, especially when you are trying to get to your destination but have been delayed. Cycling offers you a much greener alternative and a great way to avoid major traffic holdups while staying active. Cycling also helps to lift your mood and get some much-needed fresh air.

Avoid wasted time

Door to door for commutes under 5km in length, cycling provides the quickest way to get to your destination, and thanks to their electric assistance e-bikes let you complete the journey in the lowest time while staying sweat free. Waiting in traffic, at the bus stop or for your delayed train to arrive isn’t much fun. Think about all the time you waste commuting and how this could be better spent if you were to get an e-bike for your commute.

There are many great electric bikes available from mountain bike styles such as the HIMO c26 E-Bike to the fantastic commuter ready folding ADO A16+ E-Bike, and the performance focused HIMO C30S E-Bike. Spread the cost of the purchase of your new e-bike by using Klarna or Payl8r and join the sustainable commuting revolution today.

  1. Census 2011 – Office for National Statistics