A New Era of Eco-friendly, Efficient, Ergonomic E-bikes

In this age of technology, there is hardly anything that is yet untouched by its rapid advancement. Bicycles, too, have undergone a revolution of sorts. After more than a century of transformations, the first ever electric bike has gone through a complete makeover in today’s time.

An Electric Motor that Transforms Your Experience

Popularly called the e-bike in short, today’s tech-driven bicycles feature a powerful electric motor that dramatically helps the biker ride smoother. And, it comes at a minimal effort.

Two Types of E-bikes in the Market

E-Bikes have two different categories. The first type is called the pedelec. It helps the rider pedal better and faster. The second type is called the moped, which has a throttle for speed. Both these types still allow the rider to pedal manually, and hence, these bikes do not fall in the category of a motorcycle. The usual speed range of the electric bikes is between 25-45 km per hour, which is really perfect for a balanced ride.

The Many Advantages of Using an E-bike

Now, when it comes to the advantages of using an e-bike or e-scooter, there are plenty of features that have made it an increasingly popular choice of commute for so many people. This totally green vehicle does not pollute the environment, uses clean electric power, offers a silent operation, and comes absolutely affordable. For all these reasons and more, e-bikes have become a preferred choice of transport for so many people.

Whether you are visiting a neighbourhood, going to work, meeting a friend, an e-bike always comes handy. With a speed range of 25-45 km an hour, you can travel a good distance with ease. Although there is a restriction in place in some cities and countries, which requires you not to use an e-bike on a public road or highway and keep it to your private property only, you can still figure out a good reason why you would like to own one.

So, which are some of the great choices in e-bikes and e-scooters today? Let’s take a look. The electric bicycle company Ado offers a nice range of e-bikes. ADO A16, A20 & A26 (with 500W motor) are three nice options if you are looking for a dependable green bike. Ergonomically designed and easy to ride, these models of the Ado Electric Folding Bike are an ideal choice for use in both cities and rural locations. For example, the A16 sports a 350W motor and a Full Body shock Absorption System. It has USB charging and seven speed gears for your convenience. It also has a waterproof LED headlight and an LCD Smart Display meter.

Again, for those who want a more minimalist look, e-scooters are the way to go. X-7 and X-8 E-Scooters from Ado are made for a smaller commute.  The X8 E-Scooter features a 40-cell lithium battery and non-slip tyres. The motor is 350W. Besides the LED headlamp and a non-skid handle, the e-scooter also has three speed modes. It offers a maximum speed of 25 km per hour. Similarly, X7 E-Scooter with a tough aluminium alloy body and up to 23 km per hour speed is again a good choice for local commute. These e-scooters are easy to manage and because of their lightweight build can be lifted or parked anywhere.

So, as the world is going green and we all are making our efforts to do the best for our planet, experience the new generation of electric bikes and make your ride eco-friendly and more efficient. It bodes well when you choose well!