6 Top Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Thinking about getting an electric bike but not about the benefits? Perhaps you’re on the fence about whether an e-bike is worth it or maybe your just curious about the advantages compared to a traditional bike. In this article, we’ll look at the X benefits of owning and riding an e-bike and why it makes sense to go electric for your next bike purchase.

Good For The Environment

Compared with cars, buses, trains and other forms of transport, e-bikes are an incredibly clean and efficient way to travel. They don’t use fossil fuels and if you get your energy from a green and renewable energy provider, then you can be sure that they won’t cost the environment to keep them fully charged up. E-bikes don’t contain as many components as other forms of transport making them more environmentally friendly to manufacture compared to cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles.

Hills Become Easier

Many people are put off the idea of cycling because they live in a hilly area of the country. And, while some people seem to take pleasure from cycling up hill, the rest of us would much rather arrive at our destination without being a sweaty mess. An e-bike aids whenever you need it with the motor helping to take the pain out of cycling up hill. Modern electric bikes have powerful and efficient motors which can double or even triple your power output helping ensure you barely notice hills.

Commutes Are More Enjoyable

While a car may keep you warm and dry, anyone who regularly drives in a city will likely be frustrated with being sat in traffic jams constantly and the hassle of city centre parking. Those who commute by public transport are little better off with frequent delays to services, cramped spaces, and time wasted waiting for the bus or train to show up. E-bikes remove all these headaches and let you claim back your independence and get where you are going quicker and with less stress compared to other forms of transport. With 68% of trips being 5 miles or less1, electric bikes offer a real alternative for the average daily commute.

Ride Further and Faster

A massive benefit of an electric bike compared to a traditional bike is that it helps you to ride faster and further, without any extra effort. An e-bike opens a whole world of possibilities and lets you cycle longer distances and explore your local environment. Electric bikes also help you ride faster compared to a traditional bike thanks to the assistance you get from the electric motor which can help you reach speeds of up to 25 kilometres per hour. Modern e-bikes have incredibly powerful motors and efficient batteries giving them a range of over 50 kilometres of assistance.

Cheap and Easy To Run

A lot of people assume that electric bikes are complicated and expensive to keep them running smoothly. However, in essence they are not very different from a standard bicycle and can be kept maintained by your local bike shop. Many e-bikes feature removable batteries helping to make them easy to keep them charged up and ready for your next adventure. As well as being considerably cheaper to purchase compared to cars and even motorcycles, an electric bike is much cheaper to run with the cost per mile approximately 0.13 pence compared to around 14 pence for a petrol car.

Good for your mental health

An electric bike will keep you fit and healthy by helping you get out and stay active rather than sitting in a car, on a bus or a train. Following the pandemic there has been an increased realisation of just how important our mental health is. An e-bike is a great way to get regular exercise while being out in the fresh air. Exercise has been proven to boost endorphins, helping you to feel happier.

  1. National Travel Survey: 2020